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Fireplace Design and Build

Fireplace Design and Build | Chimney Masonry Contractors of Maryland

We can design and build any fireplace to accommodate the look and feel the customer wants. We have architects who have designed hundreds of fireplaces. Whether your fireplace needs a few simple repairs, or if it needs to be completely rebuilt, we can custom design and build any fireplace for your desired look.

We at can do any chimney masonry restoration to make any fireplace accommodate the look and feel a customer wants. We have been serving customers in Montgomery County, Rockville, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Silver Spring, and Potomac. We have architects who are experts at building a masonry chimney for our customers with any design they choose. They have designed hundreds of fireplaces and have masonry chimney construction down to a science so they know how to create the perfect fireplace for your home. Whither you need simple chimney masonry repair, chimney brick repair Maryland, or you want to redesign the whole look of the fireplace we are the right company for you.

Building a masonry chimney will give the room a total makeover. You can choose any type of stone or cement that you want to build the fireplace in. Our architects will work side by side with you and give you suggestions on how to get the most for your money and what exactly will look the best in your home.

There are many different options of masonry chimney caps that will make the look of your chimney stand out. Some of these options include custom multi flue caps, single flue caps, multi flue caps, top sealing chimney dampers, caps for metal chimneys, and wind resistant chimney caps. Choosing the right chimney cap can really give your chimney a unique look.

Chimney Repair
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Chimney brick rebuilt Maryland can not only change the look of your fireplace but also make it much safer for you and your family. If the bricks are cracked or damaged water can get into the chimney and cause damage. Our main goal is that our customers fall in love with their new fireplace design and want to light more fires with their families.