5 Important Benefits Of Chimney Cleaning

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5 Important Benefits Of Chimney Cleaning

Few features make a home more welcoming than a fireplace. However, this homey focal point comes with some distinct maintenance responsibilities. As all of the smoke and soot created in a fireplace exits through the chimney, it is essential to ensure that it stays clean. Discover these important benefits of chimney cleaning and you will be able to keep your home and family safe.

  1. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
    Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas, yet it can be deadly at high levels. When there is a buildup of smoke byproducts, twigs, animal nests, and even the animals themselves in your chimney, it compromises the chimney’s airflow. Without effective airflow, carbon monoxide can be pushed back into your home rather than exiting through the chimney.
  2. Increase heating efficiency
    A clean chimney will also help the wood in your fireplace burn more thoroughly and efficiently. If you haven’t had a gas fireplace service come to your home in a while, the chimney is likely clogged and an insufficient amount of oxygen is reaching the burning wood. This decreases the heat of the burn and increases your heating bills.
  3. Make it easier to inspect
    When you’ve already had professionals clean your chimney, it will be much easier for a chimney sweep to do their necessary inspections. The chimney service will clean out the large soot and creosote buildups that can interfere with an inspection. These buildups can obscure the smoke shelf and damper, making it difficult to spot problems in their early stages.
  4. Avoid chimney fires
    A wood fire creates creosote, a substance that is sticky, concentrated, and highly flammable. Just a small amount of creosote can start a chimney fire. Each little fire results in progressive damage to the inside of your chimney, which can mean costly chimney repair. Of course, a large chimney fire can mean disaster for your entire home. Even if you’re switching from burning wood to using gas logs, be sure to schedule a chimney cleaning to remove the dangerous creosote.
  5. Keep smoke going in the right direction
    Just as carbon monoxide can back up in a dirty chimney and enter your home, so can smoke. While you will be able to see and smell the smoke, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous for your home or family. Inhaling smoke is neither pleasant nor safe, especially for children. The incoming smoke and ash can also do damage to your furnishings, rugs, and clothing.

Having a clean chimney is just as important as having clear gutters, a stable roof, or a dust-free HVAC system. Contact Chimney.com today to schedule your chimney cleaning service and keep your home safe.

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