Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning, Repair, Service Washington, DC

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Chimney & Fireplace Service and Sales in DC is a fully licensed and insured company offering a complete line of chimney and fireplace services including chimney cleaning, chimney relining, part sales, to chimney rebuilding. We guarantee the quality of our work and can provide numerous references, both commercial and residential. We are the only chimney company in the metropolitan area licensed by WSSC. This license is required to reline furnace flues or do any work on gas appliances. We also have our plumbing license and have won multiple super service awards from Angie’s List.

Chimney Inspections

For over 25 years the Washington DC Metro area has trusted to ensure their chimney and fireplaces are safe and structurally sound. Chimney Inspections are the first line of defense against potential disasters. Our professional Chimney technicians search, scan, and document the entire chimney from top to bottom, inside and out. Small imperfections can have big effects on the safety and longevity of your system.

It is recommended to have your chimney system inspected annually for safety regardless of frequency of use and we provide inspection reports for condo and homeowners associations as well as reports for home inspectors and new home buyers.

Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning

Home maintenance takes many forms, and different jobs require different specialties. Often overlooked in the modern age is the importance of keeping your chimney and fireplace clean and in the best possible working condition. If you have noticed strange smells or are concerned about potential build up and the associated safety hazards, it is best to call the chimney cleaning professionals at Our team will professional clean chimney and fireplace inside and out. For years our team has helped customers in the Washington DC Metro area with chimney inspections, repairs, relining, sweeps and chimney services of all kinds. We also provide quality parts including gems and glass as well as replacement gas logs.

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

Most aging chimney structures and venting systems need repairs or maintenance. When your chimney begins to show signs of wear, it is important that you contact the experts at to determine if you need a minor repair or a complete replacement. We’ll inspect all aspects of the structure including the walls, flue, cap, base, flashing, etc., to ensure everything is waterproof and structurally sound. We can customize any part of the system including special tiles or stone. If your fireplace has cracking bricks or mortar, we will repair the inside to make it look like new and assure that it is safe to use.

Chimney Relining

The job of the chimney lining is to extend the life of the chimney structure.
To determine if you need chimney relining, we start by performing a thorough inspection to help us determine what product options might be best for your chimney.

There are many important details you must know before you reline your furnace or hot water heater:
Common State Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation states that…

“If you provide, attempt to provide, or offer to provide plumbing or gas services in the State without a license issued by the Maryland Board of Plumbing, you are violating the State Law and running a risk of going to jail. You must hold the proper category of license issued by the State Board of Plumbing in order to provide plumbing, propane gas, or natural gas services.

Master Plumber – Insured
Only insured master plumbers can enter into contracts to perform plumbing or gas services. Each master plumber shall display the master plumber license and the license number conspicuously in the principal place of business of the master plumber; and the license number of the master plumber license on each vehicle used on the job for providing plumbing services.”

If your chimney is in need of lining or relining, we will do the job in a safe, neat, and timely manner for a fair price. For more information, contact a member of our team by calling 301-989-3300 and we would be happy to assist you in providing more details about our top rated services.