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Chimney & fireplace Service Bethesda MD

Chimney Cleaning Bethesda MD Having a Chimney Sweep for your chimney annually, is essential to maintaining a safe fireplace in your home or office. The Chimney Sweep will clean any built up creosote from your smoke chamber and flue. A swept flue, is your first line of defense against the formation 3rd degree glazed creosote, and a great way to help prevent chimney fires. A chimney that is properly swept will be free of preliminary creosote build-up and help maintain a safe and functional fireplace.

A professional Chimney Cleaning company should inspect your flue annually, or before your first use if it is your first time using your fireplace. will check for deterioration of the chimney system. They will also make sure the flue is clean or if it needs a sweep. If you use your fireplace regularly, you should have a chimney sweep clean your chimney every two cords of wood, at minimum, depending on quality of wood you burn.


Chimney Inspection 

A professional Chimney Sweep should be called to perform a chimney inspection Bethesda MD anytime there has been, or will be changes to your chimney system. This can be anything from severe weather or earthquake, changing form wood burning to gas, or installing a wood stove or gas stove. A chimney inspection should also be called for anytime you are going to buy or sell a property, or move in to a new location. The Chimney inspection will examine the interior and exterior workings of the chimney including the firebox, smoke chamber, firebox flue, furnace flue, connector pipe or b-vent, damper, brick work, crown, flashing, cap, and mortar. The inspection will check that the clearances to combustibles is met where required. As well as confirm, that there are no evident risks in the functionality of the fireplace, furnace flue and chimney. The chimney inspection will also include a structural evaluation of the interior and exterior of the chimney system to see if repairs or Chimney Cleaning Bethesda MD is needed.

Chimney Caps 

We offer Chimney Caps as a simple affordable way to protect your chimney from costly repairs down the road. Our chimney caps are made from stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. The cap provides not only protection from animals, birds and debris from entering your flue. The cap also prevents rain and snow from entering the chimney and causing damage to the flue. Moisture can lead to chimney repairs such as relining or repointing. Moisture can also be a factor in unpleasant odors form the chimney. A chimney cap is the final touch to make sure your Chimney Cleaning service is worth every penny!

Chimney Damper 

The chimney damper seals the interior of you house from the outside world. A poorly sealed damper can lead to drafts, odors, and trouble getting a good draw started. The new industry standard is taking the damper from the throat of the chimney, just above the firebox, and moving it to the top of the flue with “top closing dampers.” Top closing dampers offer protection from rain, animals and debris. They provide a good seal against drafts. They also allow for the heat from the home to flue warm, minimizing unpleasant odors, aid in the creation of the initial draw when a fire is started and protect the chimney from freeze-thaw process and preventable repairs.


With over 25 Years experience our staff is well trained for any fireplace or chimney need for your home or office. We cover a wide variety of work and products, anything and everything related.