Chimney Cleaning & Repair In Herndon VA

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Chimney & Fireplace Inspection Herndon VA

Chimney Repair Inspection Herndon VA

Masonry work and repairs are often needed on chimneys and fireplaces due to fire or water damage, improper construction or poor maintenance. We offer a variety of different masonry services both interior and exterior.

 Step 1: The foremost we want to keep your fireplace safe. If the area where the fire occurs in your home, called the firebox, has any deficiencies, they need to be addressed. The firebox is jeopardized when the mortar joints and brick deteriorate. Depending on the severity of the damage our masons can either, repoint the mortar joints and replace individual bad fire brick. Or in more severe cases, we can rebuild the firebox in its entirety. We can also help you make your fire place more attractive or updated by renovating the fireplace face or surround.

Step 2: Another area that may need to have masonry work done is your smoke chamber. The smoke chamber is the area above the firebox, constructed of brick and mortar, which funnels the smoke into the flue (the flue is the vertical rise section of the chimney). The smoke chamber should have smooth mortar walls to allow for a good draw, minimize turbulence and reduce areas for creosote deposits to form between bricks. Deterioration or a poorly constructed smoke chamber can impede a fireplaces ability to draw properly. This can result in smoke damage on the face of the fireplace, or a bad smoky smell. Over time a bad smoke chamber, will form large creosote deposits and become a potential fire hazard. To remedy this the smoke chamber must have the proper masonry repairs done, such as parging smooth with mortar.


Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning Repair & Inspection Herndon VA

A professional Chimney Sweep should be called to perform a chimney inspection anytime there has been, or will be changes to your chimney system. This can be anything from severe weather or earthquake, changing form wood burning to gas, or installing a wood-stove or gas-stove. A chimney inspection should also be called for anytime you are going to buy or sell a property, or move in to a new location. The Chimney inspection will examine the interior and exterior workings of the chimney including the firebox, smoke chamber, firebox flue, furnace flue, connector pipe or b-vent, damper, brick work, crown, flashing, cap, and mortar. The inspection will check that the clearances to combustibles is met where required. As well as confirm, that there are no evident risks in the functionality of the fireplace, furnace flue and chimney. The chimney inspection will also include a structural evaluation of the interior and exterior of the chimney system to see if repairs or Chimney Cleaning  is needed.

Chimney Repair Inspection For Exterior

On the exterior of the chimney system, the masonry work is paramount in maintaining the structural integrity of the chimney, as well as preventing damaging to the functionality of the flue, smoke chamber and fire box. The brick and mortar serve as the sole barrier from moisture entering the chimney system. It is very important to maintain the masonry on the exterior of the chimney. Damage to bricks such as spalling, bad mortar joints and cracked crowns should be addressed as soon a problem begins to appear. Failure to do so will result in water entering the system causing further damage. This will grow exponentially and result in larger more expensive repairs down the road. Our Chimney Repair Inspection Herndon VA masons will repoint all joints that are deemed compromised, remove cracked crowns and lay a new crown, and spot cut any bad brick and replace with new.


With over 25 Years experience our staff is well trained for any Chimney service for your home or office. We cover a wide variety of service and replacement products.

We offer our service throughout Fairfax County VA. Our goal is to be your one stop shop for all Chimney related needs in Herndon VA.