Common Gas Fireplace Problems That You Need To Be Aware Of

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Common Gas Fireplace Problems That You Need To Be Aware Of

You already know that natural gas is a dangerous, volatile substance. Inherently, having a gas fireplace has a few dangers that every homeowner should be aware of. As gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular, it’s important for people to know how they work and what some common problems are.

As a general rule, gas fireplace service should be done professionally at least once every year to ensure the unit is in good working order. That said — as every homeowner knows — problems rarely schedule themselves to line up with the annual fireplace service and chimney cleaning. It’s safe and prudent to know what common gas fireplace problems are more prevalent than others. This way we know how to address them.

What’s Under The Hood?

The most dangerous gas fireplace issues involve the underlying piping that brings gas to the fireplace itself. If there are cracks or leaks in these systems and you suspect you smell natural gas, these are repairs you should leave to the professionals. Natural gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous and will put your home at risk of explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Not Lighting?

If you can’t get your gas fireplace lit, there could be several different problems. Luckily, most of them are easy fixes. Sometimes people merely forget to turn on their gas valve and wonder why their fireplace won’t light, which is comparable to trying to turn on an appliance that isn’t plugged in. Depending on your fireplace’s age, either the thermopile or thermocouple could have issues. Both parts are essential to igniting gas fireplaces and are commonly in need of finagling or replacement.

What Is That Sound?

One of the most popular gas fireplace parts for sale is the blower. Gas fireplaces have built-in fans that distribute the heat around the room. Sometimes these fans will go from humming quietly to noises akin to wrestling robots. When these noises start happening, it may be time to get your fireplace fan replaced.

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