Should You Get A Masonry Or Prefab Fireplace?

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Should You Get A Masonry Or Prefab Fireplace?

If you’re looking to add a cozy heating source to your home that also works as excellent decor, a fireplace could be the perfect option for you. Fireplaces can help supplement other heat sources in your home, while also providing a centerpiece for your living room or another area of your home. Before you pick out a fireplace to install in your home, learn more about what types of fireplace options are available for you. Fireplaces come in two general types: masonry fireplaces and factory-built (prefab) fireplaces.

Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry fireplaces tend to be larger, heavier structures that often take more time to build, but can be customized to fit your exact specifications. Masonry fireplaces are built out of stone, bricks, and other similar materials and can be incredibly sturdy and heavy, with some weighing several tons.

If you’re looking for a fireplace that’s customized to your space and will act as a luxurious statement piece for your home, a masonry fireplace will likely be best for you. Just make sure that your home will be structurally able to support the weight of both the fireplace and the chimney.

Factory Built Fireplaces

Factory built fireplaces, or prefab fireplaces, tend to be made out of different, less heavy materials than masonry fireplaces. These fireplaces tend to be more affordable, but this does not make them any less high quality. Factory built fireplaces can be designed for a variety of fuel types; make sure you pick one that fits your preferred fuel source.

Factory built fireplaces are an ideal option for families looking to add a new heat source to their home without breaking the bank. Factory built fireplaces also are good for smaller homes; these fireplaces tend to be smaller than masonry fireplaces, making them a better option for tighter spaces. Additionally, factory fireplaces are a good option for homes that may have previously had a different fireplace installed. Prefabricated fireplaces are easier to replace than masonry fireplaces should fireplace repair not be enough.

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