Protect Your Home With These 3 Winter Maintenance Tips

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Protect Your Home With These 3 Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter storms come and go but the proper home maintenance can prepare your family for the worst conditions when it’s performed regularly. If you haven’t performed these three winter maintenance tasks, you could be putting your home in jeopardy.

Rely on the professionals to protect your home if you haven’t completed these three winter maintenance tips.

1. Examine your roof

Between vicious hail, blustering winds, and heavy snowfall, the integrity of your roof may be in jeopardy if the proper repairs aren’t made. Even if it’s the middle of the season, a single drier day can be just enough time to make that emergency fix before a bad problem turns into an outrageous one. You should also inspect the shingles by your chimney to ensure no damage has occurred from any storms.

2. Change your exterior lights

Nighttime is all-encompassing in the dark days of winter. Ensure your home stays safe by changing any dimming light bulbs or working to install floodlights on the exterior of your home. This will help keep your home safe from would-be thieves or vandals while also ensuring you don’t slip on black ice.

3. Clean your chimney

Even if your home doesn’t use your chimney all that often, any debris, damage, or accumulation could put your home — and your family — at risk. Chimneys that aren’t cleaned or inspected at least once a year could create harmful creosote buildup, reduce proper ventilation in your home, and spread potentially dangerous fumes throughout the house.

Trying to perform the proper chimney cleaning on your own could end in disaster. For example, you should never clean your chimney with regular cleaning products even though this is our first instinct. You might also not notice if your chimney’s structural integrity has begun to fail. Masonry fireplaces can weigh between six and seven tons, all of which might fall if the proper repairs aren’t made.

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