Professional Chimney and Fireplace Repair

Keeping your chimney and fireplace maintained helps protect your property from potential fires. So, when you notice damage or strange smells, or it seems like things aren’t working like they used to, talk to the experts at From structural repairs to new parts, we can do it all.


Chimney & Fireplace Repair

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Our Chimney Repair Services

Chimney problems can lead to expensive repairs if you continue using your chimney without addressing the issues. We offer comprehensive repair services for your residential or commercial property, including:

Chimney Repointing

We’ll strengthen your chimney’s structural integrity and refresh its aesthetics in the process with repointing. Chimney repointing involves repairing mortar joints by replacing anything that’s deteriorated with new mortar. We can provide chimney masonry repair as needed, too, and remove and replace old bricks.

Chimney Roof Flashing Repair

Chimney flashing protects the area where the roof meets the chimney — the flashing directs water around the chimney and down the roof. In cases where the original flashing on your property is inadequate or has developed rust over time, we can install new flashing to secure your chimney. If the sealant around where the flashing meets the chimney has deteriorated, we can apply a new bead of silicone.

Chimney Liner Installation and Repair

Traditional masonry chimneys have clay flue tiles that crack and shift over time. When these clay tiles crack and create gaps in the flue, it becomes unsafe for venting smoke and carbon monoxide. We’ll install flexible stainless steel liners that are UL-listed, meeting nationally recognized standards for safety and sustainability.

Chimney Crown, Cover and Cap Repair

From chimney crown repair to new animal guards, we offer numerous services to strengthen your installation:

  • Flex crown repair: Flex crown mortar preserve is a silicone-based mortar preserve that adheres to the mortar and ensures water doesn’t enter the crown and damage it further. For small cracks and slight separation, this is the way to go!
  • Mortar crown repair: Over time, and with certain environmental events, the crown will deteriorate or crack, which allows water to enter the chimney. We can patch hairline cracks and prevent the damage from spreading or lay a new mortar crown if needed.
  • Chase top installation: Chase covers can rust, causing streaks and water damage. We’ll replace damaged chase tops with a stainless steel cover.
  • Exhaust fans: If you’re experiencing electrical issues or failures with your exhaust fan, call us for a repair or new installation to help solve draft problems.
  • Animal guards: Caps made of materials that rust may let animals nest in your chimney and prevent carbon monoxide from venting properly. We’ll replace your guard with a resilient stainless steel chimney cap that won’t rust through.

Our Fireplace Repair Services

If you notice issues like soot buildup, odd smells or strange noises from your fireplace, reach out to us. We offer these fireplace repair services:

Firebox Repair

Cracked or damaged fireboxes require professional repairs. If you notice fallen bricks, cracked mortar, stains that indicate leaks or other concerns, reach out to us. An intact, functional firebox helps prevent the risk of fires.

Prefab Refractory Panel Repairs

Refractory panels are in the firebox of prefab fireplaces. Over time, heavy use of the fireplace causes these panels to crack, compromising the safety of the fireplace — underneath those panels are potentially combustible materials, and even the smallest crack is a fire hazard. 

We can replace prefab panels or units in almost any location of your home or business. Our process for this fireplace repair is fast, reliable and always top-quality! 

Fireplace Damper

Traditional dampers are located between the firebox and the smoke chamber and are usually made of cast iron. Dampers are used to cut off airflow to and from the flue. Over time, traditional dampers deteriorate and can’t create a sufficient seal against downdraft. 

We can repair this by installing a top-closing damper system. Top-closing dampers are more energy-efficient and add extra protection from water damage. We only use top-closing dampers constructed from stainless steel, a long-lasting material.

Fireplace Smoke Chamber

Smoke chambers are the open area directly above the firebox. The smoke chamber tapers, going up to where the flue starts to funnel smoke into the flue. Cracks in the mortar or any venting issues here call for professional repairs.

Real Fyre gas fireplace insert in a stone fireplace

Benefits of Choosing

Here’s why you should choose us for your chimney repair and maintenance needs:

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d Alexander

This vendor was very professional. We needed chimney repairs to our house. They were able to get us scheduled quickly. In addition, they were fully transparent with the pricing and warranty detai...

Andy Tibbals

"Nelson and his crew did an amazing job of repairing our chimney and fireplace. It had been mostly destroyed in a chimney fire and needed a ton of work. They came, did clean and professional work...

Sylvia Bullock

I received excellent and professional service in the replacement of my chimney and furnace repairs. Before and After pics were incredible. Technicians were prompt and completed the work less th...

Leda K. Bloomfield

"The fireplace in our old capitol hill townhome was emitting a ton of smoke into the house. We had a couple companies come to provide quotes. was recommended by another hill family an...

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