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It’s common for your chimney to work on overdrive during the winter months to provide a warm and toasty house for you and your family to enjoy. With its hard work, your chimney may need lining upkeep to ensure it is doing its best work as safely as possible. offers relining services to the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., areas to ensure your chimney is ready to work while protecting your family from potential risk factors.

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What Is Chimney Relining?

Inside your chimney, the lining pushes the heat and gas up to prevent combustible materials around the structure from catching fire. It’s usual for the lining to deteriorate over time and require a replacement, which can be costly. It’s essential to schedule regular maintenance and replace your chimney’s liner when necessary, regardless of what heating unit you use in your home.

Any heating mechanism in your home can be a safety risk. Other appliances we offer relining services for include:

  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers

Relining your chimney requires the installation of a new liner. If you are still determining if a new liner is necessary, our experts can help! offers free chimney estimates and three chimney liner options that can significantly affect how your chimney operates. 

Our Liner Choices Include:

Stainless steel liners are one of the best chimney liner types due to the many protective benefits this material offers. With its flexible format, our experts highly recommend this liner due to its durability and easy installation process. 

Clay tile liners are an excellent option for lining a chimney during new home construction. This long-lasting material has a life span of 50 years and is the most cost-effective option. However, this liner may not be ideal when relining your chimney, as it is challenging to fit the tiles to an existing chimney without breaking your chimney’s walls. 

This lining option is excellent for reducing the creosote present, making your chimney clean and allowing it to work at its best. Cast-in-place liners have a cement base, which can last for decades. Note that this lining option is less effective during the replacement process, as it is almost impossible to remove the cement if damage to your lining occurs. 

Our Service Benefits

For the past 30 years, we have put our customers first with free estimates, locally licensed professionals and a guarantee of the quality of our work. As one of the few chimney servicing companies licensed by WSSC, multiple super service awards recognize our commitment to customer satisfaction and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on offering the best chimney relining services to fit your needs. 

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When you hire a chimney professional from, we can ensure your liner’s installation will be hassle-free and provide you with a liner that will keep your home safe. With our many service benefits and our extensive experience, we can prioritize all your fireplace needs.

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Matt Ling

They were able to immediately help us with chimney relining! Very punctual and responsive. Quick job and everything seems to be in great working condition! Thank you!...

Deborah Gilbert

They worked so hard & explained what they were doing. In addition to the relining, they did other helpful things: they fixed the broken ash shoot in the back or the fireplace & they took away the...

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Chimney.Com has been serving the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC, residents since 1989. You view our full list of service areas below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lining your fireplace is a protective measure to prevent fires from damaging you or your property.

Stainless steel is recommended as it provides the best fire protection, and it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Removing your old liner is important so as to ensure the new liner fits in your fireplace seamlessly without clogs or a buildup of creosote.

Technically, fireplace relining can be a DIY job, but it’s recommended to hire a professional to ensure the job is done as correctly as possible.