Gas Line Services In DC, MD & VA

As a full-service chimney company, offers professional and comprehensive gas services to help you stay comfortable and safe year-round. Our local company is well-equipped to service your Maryland-area home, delivering the skilled and knowledgeable installation and gas line repair services required to keep your property and family safe.


Gas Line Services

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Gas Line Installation

Whether you need to replace an old gas line or install a new one, has you covered. Our service team has assisted with everything from installing gas kitchen appliances to switching from oil to gas for home heating.

We offer comprehensive, safe underground gas pipe installation services for use with:

  • Gas grills
  • Gas water heaters
  • Gas heating appliances
  • Gas burner and log sets
  • Gas fireplaces and fire pits

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Reasons to Install New Gas Lines

Having gas lines installed provides numerous benefits. Since this fuel is delivered directly to your home on-demand, you don’t have to store oil or propane onsite, and there’s no risk of running out of fuel on a cold winter day. Compared to electric appliances, gas versions are more affordable to operate. Many also continue to function during power outages, depending on the ignition method.


Here are the top scenarios when it's necessary to install gas lines:

Perhaps you’re building a home, and you know you want natural gas from the get-go. We’ll work with your builder to install gas lines at the proper time in the construction process.

Whether you want to install a gas fireplace from scratch or convert a wood fireplace into a gas log set or insert, we have you covered! We’ll install the gas lines and all the other components you need.

If you live in an older home, you may have an oil furnace or boiler. We can help you enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of natural gas heating with our gas line installation services.

Want to cook like a bona fide chef on a gas stove or grill? Let us help bring your dream to life with new gas lines and appliance hookups.

Perhaps an existing gas line has aged poorly or been damaged by a stray shovel. If gas line repair isn’t feasible, we can conduct the necessary replacement.

Gas Line Repair Services

Complications can quickly occur when natural gas pipes crack, joints or connections get damaged, pipes get blocked or valves start to leak. While the most common sign of a gas leak in your home will be a rotten-egg or sulfurous smell, coming from the added mercaptan, there are several other signs that something may be wrong, including: 

  • Kicked up dust or debris near a gas line
  • Sudden houseplant wilting or death
  • Hissing noises from or near a gas line
  • Odd behavior from gas-fed appliances like a strange flame color

If you’re experiencing gas line issues, it’s important to take action immediately because complications can become life-threatening.

Common Gas Line Problems

Having a natural gas line installed in your home allows you to enjoy cost-effective and convenient fuel delivery straight to your appliances, grill, or fireplace. A vast majority of the time, gas lines operate correctly and safely with no risk to your home or family. However, natural gas lines do occasionally have problems.

  • Cracks: Natural gas pipes may crack with age or become damaged if they are struck with a shovel.
  • Loose Joints And Connections: Damaged joints or improperly installed connections may come loose over time, leading to dangerous leaks.
  • Pipe Blockages: Contaminant buildup or debris at the access point can cause blockages, resulting in appliance malfunctions.
  • Valve Issues: Partially closed valves may block the natural gas flow, while a leaky valve could create a safety hazard.

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Why Should You Switch to Natural Gas?

Switching to natural gas is one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. Along with being a more affordable option that delivers exceptional value, natural gas is a reliable energy source you can depend on. You can have lower utility bills throughout the year while experiencing peace of mind knowing it’s efficient and more environmentally friendly than other energy options.

Why Choose

Gas line issues require a team of professionals with the knowledge, training and experience to get the job done right. At, we’ve been serving the local area since 1989, offering both residential and commercial services. Our team is licensed by WSSC to provide natural gas and propane services. No matter what your needs are, our full-service chimney company can handle it from start to finish.

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Jessica Herstek

From start to finish, was the best. We needed full services to convert from fire-burning to gas, with chimney, fireplace, and gas line work. They were very responsive, knowledgeable, ...

Randy Benjenk did an excellent job with a chimney repair and installing a natural gas line. They were efficient and easy to work with. I highly recommend them....

Michael Dreis

The crew at is highly professional, competent and nice to work with. They installed a new linear fireplace where no fireplace previously existed: gas line, bump out, stonework…the ...

Carol Wigglesworth

I had a gas insert installed in my fireplace. This process included extending a gas line from the fireplace, under my crawlspace, to my gas source. It took the workers a full day, and the owner...

Paul Scholl

I had a great experience with They relined my chimney, installed the gas line and also a new gas log set. The entire process from my first request for an estimate to completion was l...

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Need gas line services? With free and honest estimates, will make sure you know exactly what to expect before getting started. To schedule a service with our team, give us a call at 301-945-7955 or reach out online today!

Where Are Our Gas Line Services Available?

Our service area includes most of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Here’s a list of cities we serve:

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Gas Line FAQs

Absolutely, yes. In order to provide or even offer to provide gas services, a company must have an MHIC, HVACR, and/or Master Plumber/Gas Fitter license. Gas lines must be laid, inspected, and tested by a WSSC-licensed contractor. It must then be approved by the local gas utility provider before it can be used. This is why handles the entire process from start to finish. 

Yes, in some cases, it’s possible to use an existing gas line. It’s best left up to a certified contractor, as mishandling gas lines can be incredibly dangerous, but in many situations, an existing line can be split to run multiple gas-fed appliances. 

The most common sign of a leak is detected by smell — natural gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, but utility providers add a material called mercaptan to gas, giving it a distinct rotten egg or sulfurous odor. 

Other common signs include:

  • Hissing noises from or near a gas line
  • Odd behavior from gas-fed appliances (strange flame color, “spitting” flame, etc.)
  • Kicked up dust or debris near a gas line 
  • Sudden houseplant wilting or death