Chimney Services in Maryland, DC & Virginia

Do you love the warmth and beauty of a crackling fire in the winter? Before you use your fireplace this season, schedule chimney services with We’ll provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your fireplace is safe to use.

No job is too big or too small for! Let us help keep your home or business safe and warm this winter. To get started, please schedule services with us today.

Chimney Inspections

We recommend annual chimney inspections for every home and business in the DC area. The experts at will inspect your chimney from top to bottom, looking for any imperfections that could impact its safety and longevity. Water intrusion is a chimney’s number one enemy, so we keep a careful lookout for signs of leaks and damage.

Our chimney inspections cover the following:

  • Built-in and prefab fireplaces
  • Gas fireplaces (inserts, gas burners and log sets)
  • Furnace, boiler, and water heater flues (gas or oil)
  • Wood stoves
  • Interior and exterior masonry
  • Venting systems

Chimney Cleaning

Last time you lit a fire in your fireplace, did you notice any strange smells? This could be a sign of dangerous creosote buildup, a highly flammable substance that increases the risk of a house fire. Keep your home and family safe — schedule chimney cleaning before you light your next fire. Rest assured that guarantees a job well done.

Our chimney cleaning services include:

  • Removing soot and creosote deposits
  • Cleaning out the smoke chamber
  • Vacuuming the firebox
  • Ensuring a clean, dust-free, and soot-free house

Chimney Relining

The lining is one of the most important aspects of any chimney. This noncombustible channel lines the inside of the masonry, protecting it against high heat and deposits that fire can leave behind. At, we are one of the only chimney companies in Maryland licensed by WSSC as a Master Plumber and Gas Fitter. This license is required to reline furnace flues and work on gas appliances.

Here are the top signs you need chimney relining:

  • Your older home or business doesn’t have a chimney liner.
  • There’s condensation in the chimney.
  • You’re converting your fireplace to a new fuel source.
  • Your gas appliance is currently venting into a masonry chimney.

Chimney Repairs

Most aging chimneys and flues need repair or maintenance eventually. If your chimney is showing signs of wear and tear, choose us for the reliable repair you need.

Our chimney repair services include:

Chimney Restorations/Rebuilds

Your chimney is constantly exposed to rain, snow, wind, and the freeze/thaw cycle of winter. As odd as it sounds, leaks cause more damage to masonry chimneys than fire. If water has penetrated your chimney, it can cause steel and cast iron components to rust, weakening or destroying these metals over time. A complete chimney rebuild aims to restore the structural integrity of your old, damaged chimney. If you notice your chimney is leaning or has severely deteriorated mortar, let us restore it today!

Why Choose for Chimney Services in MD, DC & VA?

As a fully licensed, trained, and insured chimney service company, you can count on to keep your fireplace fires burning brightly and safely. We have proudly served residential and commercial customers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC since 1989. Our dedication to customer service is second to none. In fact, we guarantee the quality of our work and can provide numerous references, allowing you to begin your chimney project with complete peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule chimney inspection, cleaning, relining, repair, or restoration in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC.